20pcs Disposable Semi Permanent Makeup Tattoo Cartridges Needles 3RL/5RL/7RL/9RL/11RL

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1.316 Medical Stainless Steel,High hardness ,Fast color.
2.PVC translucent, High Visibility ,easy to observe,wear-resistant material.
3.Groove design, large amount of ink, preventing inkjet.
4.Each Cartridge is Sterilized by EO GAS,no worry about being infected, safe to use.
5.Fine resilience,silica gel spring-back, Stable.
6.Upgrade the soldering process, smooth, no impurities, smoother needles.
1.Suitable for eyebrows, eyelids and lips, also for small tattoo design.
4.The design of R-type round mouth needle with bevel connection to observe the length of the tattoo pin.
5.RL/RM/M1/RS four optional types with several sizes will meet different tattoo needles.
6.M1 needle bar design is more advanced which adopts the arc type of needle mouth, letting the tattoo needle contact skin without dead spaces.
7.It works with almost all kinds of tattoo machines.
Item Type: Tattoo Cartridge Needle
Quantity: 10pcs
Optional Types: 1RL/3RL/5RL/7RL/9RL/11RL/13RL/14RL/15RL
Package list:
10 x Tattoo Cartridge Needles