Tattoo Power Supply, Professional Upgraded Version Intelligent Digital LCD Dual Tattoo Power Supplies

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Display: LCD Digital
Input voltage: 110V-240V, AC50/60Hz.
Output Voltage: 3~18v
Output Power: 0.3-45W
Rating Current: 0-2A.
Operating Temperature: 5 ~ +45 ℃
Relative humidity 30%~75%.
Operating Air Pressure: 900-1060 HPA
Color: Blue

How to Operate Our Tattoo Power Supply?
Switch ON/OFF and START/STOP functions:
1.When plugged into the power supply, press “POWER BUTTON" for 3 seconds to switch on, or another 3 seconds to switch off.
2.5 seconds press on foot pedal to switch on, when switch on, touch "POWER BUTTON"" to start/stop the power

Adjust the output voltage:
when switched on, touch "VOLTS+" "VOLTS-" to adjust the voltage output

L/S; Foot Pedal Moodle:
1.When switched on, touch "L/S BUTTON" switch to L/S model, when switch to L model, L be lighted, switch to model S will be lighted.
2.when switched on, press "L/S BUTTON" for 3 seconds to change the foot pedal model
3.This machine offer two kinds of foot pedal mood, one is continuous output mood, another is inching output mood
The Tattoo Power Supply’s manual include all operating ways

Timing functions:
Touch "TIME BUTTON" to start the time, there will show the working time on the screen, long press "TIME BUTTON" to reset the total working time.

Package Includes:
1 Power Supply
1 Power Cord
1 Set of Holder Parts