Tattoo Transfer Paper 40 Sheets for Tattoo Stencil Printer, 4 Layers A4 Size Tattoo Thermal Stencil Paper for Tattoo Transfer Kit Tattoo Supplies

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  • This great value set come with 40 pieces tattoo transfer paper, each piece of transfer paper for tattooing is composed of four layers of different functions and colors. Great for tattoo beginners, tattoo shops and artists.
  • These tattοο stencil transfer paper can be easily, cleanly and smoothly transferred tattοοs to skin. If the transfer is wrong, you can use alcohol to wipe off the tattοο transfer marks.
  • The transfer paper copies the image you want onto the paper, then passes through the transfer paper, and finally reaches the skin. It is highly compatible with thermal copiers or dot matrix printers. Or use the ballpoint pen used for hand-drawn templates to draw the original design.
  • The transferred image is very clear, clean and smooth.
  • If there is a problem with the tattoo stencil printer you received, please feel free to contact us for customer service or replacement.
    tattoo transfer paper
    Stencil Transfer Paper

    Hand Drawing

    Tattoo Stencil Paper

    Thermal Copier

    Stencil Paper

    TATELF tattoo transfer paper

    Tattoo Carbon Paper

    Remove the second layer of white translucent paper

    Gently guide the transfer paper through the printer.

    Apply the design on the skin

    Tattoo Stencil Transfer Paper