3 Best Tattoo Power Supply to choose on TATELF 2020

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Have you been wondering why your expensive and high-quality tattoo pen is not living up to its potential, or are you confused why your ink is not leaving a good impression? Don’t worry, the problem does not lie in your ink or tattoo pen, but it lies in the faulty power supply. 
Today, here we have reviewed 3 top tattoo power supply that will run your tattoo beast like a charm. Our reviewed power supply work with all kind of tattoo machines. They work with both liner and shader. Generally these power supply will work with 110-210 volt current.

1.Professional Upgraded Version Intelligent Digital LCD Dual Tattoo Power Supply
If you are looking for a stable and sturdy power supplier that doesn’t need replacements or repairs, then your best bet is TATELF Professional Tattoo Power Supply. Made with the latest technology and enabled with high-end features, this device makes its way in the list of best tattoo power supply for beginners.
Power supply will work with 110v-250v/ac50-60Hz power input which can work with any country to to its adjustable power input. This can supply 3v-18v dc current which is compatible to run all types of tattoo machine efficiently.
With this single power supply you can attach dual tattoo machine at the same time. This Power supply you can run all types of tattoo machine in the market. It will come with one clip cord and 1 supply holder frame to hold the power supply in its place. 
This power supply is light weight and easy to use and you can carry it anywhere. It is fully digitally controlled and can be regulated or adjusted with any voltage with touch button.

2.Tattoo Power Supply with Foot Pedal Clip Cords for Tattoo Coil Machine Kits
The TATELF dual digital power supply work with all kinds of tattoo machine. You can connect it with both liner and shader and with simple flip of button that you can change power between them with single foot pedal.
The tattoostar power supply can work on 60v-250v/50Hz-60Hz power input and will give the stable digitally controlled output-current from 1.5v-18v DC that can efficiently run all kind of tattoo machine. This machine is very flexible and can be run with any voltage and suitable to be used in any country.
Often, people have to buy added accessories like clip cords to go with their power supply machine. But you don’t have to spend on any accessories as this power supply appliance comes with 2 clip cords of 8 inch each, a power cord, and a stainless steel pedal.
3.Wirelss Tattoo Power Supply RCA Tattoo Battery Pack for Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen
This is one of its kind of a power supply for tattoo machines. It is wireless equipment and tagged as a rocket type of mini power supply for tattoos. The input voltage of this equipment is 5V/ 1A. On the other end, the output voltage on the offer is in the range of 6 to 11 volts. The package of this power supply comes with the main device and the USB cable for charging it.
It's very light-weight, and provides high-quality power transmission service. You can carry it for outdoor tattoo task because of the light-weight that makes it easily portable.
It has power button with an adjustable voltage option, and durability of 3.5 hours for 1A, 8 hours for 8V. It also has the feature of dual input charging and short circuit protection.
If you plan to be a respected tattoo artist, you should at least get a tattoo power supply with a decent price and make it work pretty well when giving a tattoo. Take your time to do some simple research for the best tattoo power supply. Try to make it a good assistant, but not a stumbling block for creating an awesome tattoo design.

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